6 Tips on How to Generate Business Leads through Inbound Marketing

Not every lead is created equally. Some ways to generate business leads through inbound marketing have proven successful, but other ways could be more harmful than helpful.

You do want to generate as many leads as possible, but you want the right leads – namely, people who are interested in your product.

6 Tips on How to Generate Business Leads through Inbound Marketing

1. Define your Buyer Personas

One of the first steps is to define your buyer personas. Determine who your ideal customers are. It’s important to be specific about what your buyer personas want in order to make sure you’re targeting the correct people.

2. Find your Prospects

As you are defining your buyer personas, one of the factors you should include is which social media resources they are likely to be using. Also specify which websites they may be perusing for a purchase or which social media “groups” they would possibly follow. Then, make sure your links to blogs and other resources on your website reach them.

3. Once you Find your Prospects, Get Them to Come to You

Not only do you want to reach them, but you also want to peak their curiosity. Give them a reason to click on your blog or advertisement, and then once they’re on your site, make sure they have the option to give you feedback so that you can reach out to them at a later date if necessary.

4. Give Them What They Want

Most of all, do what they expect you to do: Offer them excellent products and great customer service at a reasonable price. Once people click on a link to your page, they should find what they were looking for. From there, they can decide if they want to sign up for your services or purchase your products.

5. Track your Online Reputation

You will see both the good and the bad online. It’s natural to get some bad reviews. The trick is to respond quickly and resolve the issue if possible. On the flip side, if you get those outstanding reviews, consider using them as public relations opportunities.

6. Use Email Wisely

A good way to generate business leads through inbound marketing is through your email marketing campaign. However, you want to be very careful where you send those emails; send them to your prospects and not to the general public. Once you appear as if you’re “spamming” email inboxes, you will start to harm your online reputation.

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