Benefits of Focusing on the Hobbies of Social Media Website Users

One of the most important factors in inbound marketing success is knowing your target audience. Through everything from personal contact to online analytics, you should know your buyer personas’ ages, genders, hobbies, general income level, career types, needs and concerns, and even their favorite social media websites.  It sounds like a lot, but with some research, discovering these factors in general is possible. But let’s start with the benefits of focusing on the hobbies of social media website users, as it’s one of the first steps in knowing how to reach them.

Benefits of Focusing on the Hobbies of Social Media Website Users

It’s well known that different social media websites attract different users. While it’s true that some, like Facebook, attract people of a variety of backgrounds, others attract a smaller sample of the population.

A man who enjoys golf, for example, might be attracted to Facebook groups that discuss how to improve your game. A high school senior, as another example, might be online researching the colleges with the best football teams.

Consider the product or service you are trying to market. Who are your most common customers or clients? Can you imagine them? OK, now when they are online, where do you think they spend the most time? Twitter? Instagram? Or is it more like Snapchat? Or Pinterest? In short, find out which social media websites your clients are using based on their hobbies and interests, and make sure they see your business’s presence right in front of their very eyes on those sites.

You don’t want to waste too much time or effort posting links to your blogs on Twitter, let’s say, when you sell a product geared toward people who are on Snapchat. Don’t completely neglect the other social media sites, of course, because it’s important to spread your name all over. However, focusing on social media website users’ hobbies will help you reach your prospective buyers directly.

Having a lot of general online users visit your site is great, but having people who are interested in your specific product visit your site is even better. The goal, after all, is to get your website visitors to sign up for your service or purchase your product, and people who are interested in your products are more likely to do so than the general public. That’s one of the main benefits of focusing on the hobbies of social media website users.

Importance of Social Media in Inbound Marketing

We’ve discussed the importance of social media in inbound marketing in many of our past blogs, but we can’t stress its importance enough. You can provide excellent services to your clients and keep your website up-to-date with new and exciting promotions or blog posts. All of that is great, but how will people know about the excellent services or exciting promotions? Something or someone must draw them to your site, and posting links to your website’s pages is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your outstanding business.

Even if a targeted website user does not click on that link, your name is still out there. The next time that person needs a product or service that your business provides, therefore, he or she will think of you.

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