Best Practices for Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are incredibly important to the overall performance of your inbound marketing content. If you’re going to succeed at making quality content that brings in leads, you need to understand the best practices for call-to-action buttons. …

Best Practices for Call-to-Action Buttons

• Use Time and Urgency

Every car dealership in the country is currently offering a “limited-time” deal that will expire tomorrow. You better get going or you’ll never get a deal like that again! Well, maybe not, because next week they’ll be offering another “limited-time” deal.

Get the idea? They are using the time-tested sales technique of creating urgency. While you don’t have to be an aggressive car salesman, it never hurts to add a “now,” “today,” or “right away” into your call-to-action button.


• Eye-Catching, but Not Annoying

Your call-to-action button needs to catch the attention of your readers, but it can’t be gaudy, shouting, or visually annoying. Use colors that complement yet stand out from the rest of the page. Keep it large enough to get noticed, but not so big that it dominates the page and minimizes the content.

• Keep the Benefit Consistent with the Page Itself

It’s important to not confuse your messaging. For this reason, make sure your CTAs line up with the content on the page. For example, if you’re a kitchen designer and you wrote a blog piece about the benefits of an open-floor plan, your CTA should relate to that message, such as: “Let’s talk about open-floors today.” Then, the link could lead to a contact page.

• Test, Test, Test … Then Adapt

Even if you follow the best practices for call-to-action buttons, you still need to test the results and rework the strategy if necessary. Find out which CTAs are performing well and which are lagging behind. Is there a pattern? Is one location, color, or specific message the difference? A-B testing your CTAs will help you develop a strategy that works perfectly for your specific website.

Work with a Team that Uses the Best Practices for Call-to-Action Buttons

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