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How to Create Intriguing Subject Lines for your Email Campaign

land in your inbox every day? Between newsletters, discount offers, invitations, and notifications, you likely receive dozens – if not hundreds – of emails every day. You’re not alone, as the average user, according to Text Request, receives 88 emails per day. If you’re creating an email campaign, this creates a challenge. How can you rise above the clutter and send emails that actually get people’s attention? … You can start with good subject lines. But as we all know, writing the perfect subject line is never easy. If you’re wondering how to create intriguing subject lines for your email campaign, we’d like to help!

How to Create Intriguing Subject Lines for your Email Campaign

Focus on Brevity

In today’s busy world of log-jammed inboxes, people want short messages with to-the-point content. With that in mind, your first focus should be writing as short of an email subject line as possible. Just look at the successful reelection campaign messages for President Obama. Some were only one word, and no matter what your politics, you can’t deny that he did an excellent job of connecting with people.

Personalize Whenever Possible

Adding in personalization, especially a person’s first name, gives the email message a warm, friendly appeal. If your email campaign template allows, be sure to plug in people’s names, which will grab their attention and improve click-through rates. This is one of the best tips on how to create intriguing subject lines for your email campaign.

Start with a Specific Verb

Whenever possible, use an action-oriented verb that inspires people to click the email. Subject lines with verbs are enticing and interesting, and will give your message a sense of urgency.

Be as specific as possible, and try to use verbs that imply action, such as “run,” “dine,” or “ride” over more passive or indirect verbs like “enjoy” or “relax.”

Create Urgency with a Reference to Time

Adding one reference to time in your email can help you improve the sense of urgency and enhance the click-through rate of your message. “Now” and “today” are common for adding urgency, but you can also add “24 hours” or “ending soon.” As long as you create some sort of ticking clock in the reader’s head, you’re on the right track.

Use Numbers to Generate Interest

Adding digits to your message can make it more interesting and will also help it appear informative. It can reference your user numbers, successfully completed jobs, or years in business.

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3 Best Email Practices for your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Essentially, inbound marketing is the practice of creating content that people want and then enticing readers to your site. To attract web visitors, the content needs to be interesting, useful, and engaging. While quality content is the foundation of successful inbound marketing, your content will often need a little help to reach the initial level of attention. In many cases, an email campaign that advertises your content is a good start. … So what are the best email practices for your inbound marketing campaign?

Stick to these tips and you’ll have more readership and more online visitors.

3 Best Email Practices for your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Carefully Research and Select the Right Email Service Provider

Much like an email marketing campaign, to have an effective email campaign for your inbound content, you’ll need a quality email service provider, often called an “ESP.” Take your time when selecting an ESP so you have the right features to reach your overall goals. There are budget-oriented providers, systems that offer better customization, and systems that even have online coaching for your team. Take your time, do your research, and you’ll find the right email system to deliver excellent results.

Give Readers the Most Intriguing Headlines in the Email Subject

As they say in journalism, don’t bury the lead! The goal of the email is to intrigue readers to your content.

Therefore, one of the best email practices for your inbound marketing campaign is to hit readers with the best headline from your articles or videos as soon as possible. Your email may include links to four or five different articles, so choose the best and make this the feature of your email.

Have the link and image for this piece at the top of the email, and make the headline of this content the subject of the message.

Entice Readers into Other Inbound Marketing Campaigns

If your readers are interested in your brand or industry, they’re likely interested in other content that you have created. Take a look at an email template from Realtree, a hunting apparel company. Throughout the article, they have links and images about their content, which in this case is all about turkey hunting. At the bottom of the email, however, they have a link advertising their weekly recipe emails. They’ve essentially used one inbound campaign to promote another, further increasing their outreach, as well as their reputation as a go-to source of hunting information.

Put the Best Email Practices for your Inbound Marketing Campaign to Work Right Away

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