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5 Communication and Social Media Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Want to have stellar communication and social media habits? Want to perform online like the most well-known stars of business? Then you need to remember these important communication and social media habits of successful entrepreneurs. …

5 Communication and Social Media Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

1. They Use Visuals Frequently

People like visuals, so make sure to use images on all of your posts. Whenever possible, an image will enhance traffic and social media interaction, making you more effective and more engaging with your audience.

2. Each Post is Adjusted to the Platform

Every entrepreneur who uses social media successfully knows that no two platforms are the same. A post on Facebook can’t be the same as a Twitter post. A post on LinkedIn can’t be the same as Instagram. To have the best success, you need to tailor each post to make sure it is effective on that specific platform.

3. They Use Failures as Well as Successes

Elon Musk is probably the most famous engineer in the world, and he’s not just good at building rockets and electric cars. He’s pretty good at social media too. One of his many skills is using failures as well as successes to build the brand.

During one failed rocket launch attempt, which resulted in a publicly documented crash, Musk tweeted “RUD = Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly.” He wasn’t hiding; he was using the failure to humanize and humor-ize.

4. They Use Social Media as a Funnel to Their Site

One thing that all entrepreneurs on social media should remember is that in the end you need to drive traffic to your site. Social media calls for avoiding the hard-sell, but you can still use techniques like inbound content, information, or special offers. This may be the most important of all communication and social media habits of successful entrepreneurs.

5. They Have Q&A Sessions

Few people can claim as much business success as Richard Branson. (He does own an island!) If you want to do social media like this business rock star, you can start by having Q&A sessions on Twitter with your audience.

You’ll need a large enough audience for a full session, but once you have a following, you’ll have the means for an effective, brand-building effort. (You can also ask for questions throughout the week or month and discuss them on your accounts during a session.)

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Benefits of Focusing on the Hobbies of Social Media Website Users

One of the most important factors in inbound marketing success is knowing your target audience. Through everything from personal contact to online analytics, you should know your buyer personas’ ages, genders, hobbies, general income level, career types, needs and concerns, and even their favorite social media websites.  It sounds like a lot, but with some research, discovering these factors in general is possible. But let’s start with the benefits of focusing on the hobbies of social media website users, as it’s one of the first steps in knowing how to reach them.

Benefits of Focusing on the Hobbies of Social Media Website Users

It’s well known that different social media websites attract different users. While it’s true that some, like Facebook, attract people of a variety of backgrounds, others attract a smaller sample of the population.

A man who enjoys golf, for example, might be attracted to Facebook groups that discuss how to improve your game. A high school senior, as another example, might be online researching the colleges with the best football teams.

Consider the product or service you are trying to market. Who are your most common customers or clients? Can you imagine them? OK, now when they are online, where do you think they spend the most time? Twitter? Instagram? Or is it more like Snapchat? Or Pinterest? In short, find out which social media websites your clients are using based on their hobbies and interests, and make sure they see your business’s presence right in front of their very eyes on those sites.

You don’t want to waste too much time or effort posting links to your blogs on Twitter, let’s say, when you sell a product geared toward people who are on Snapchat. Don’t completely neglect the other social media sites, of course, because it’s important to spread your name all over. However, focusing on social media website users’ hobbies will help you reach your prospective buyers directly.

Having a lot of general online users visit your site is great, but having people who are interested in your specific product visit your site is even better. The goal, after all, is to get your website visitors to sign up for your service or purchase your product, and people who are interested in your products are more likely to do so than the general public. That’s one of the main benefits of focusing on the hobbies of social media website users.

Importance of Social Media in Inbound Marketing

We’ve discussed the importance of social media in inbound marketing in many of our past blogs, but we can’t stress its importance enough. You can provide excellent services to your clients and keep your website up-to-date with new and exciting promotions or blog posts. All of that is great, but how will people know about the excellent services or exciting promotions? Something or someone must draw them to your site, and posting links to your website’s pages is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your outstanding business.

Even if a targeted website user does not click on that link, your name is still out there. The next time that person needs a product or service that your business provides, therefore, he or she will think of you.

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How to Take Advantage of Regional Keywords

can be tough to compete in the complex world of SEO. Many of the most profitable keywords are already dominated by large businesses with huge marketing budgets. However, there are some strategies that you can use to create SEO success, including the all-too-ignored tactic of regional keywords. Wondering what they are and how to take advantage of regional keywords? We’re happy to explain. …

How to Take Advantage of Regional Keywords

What are Regional Keywords?

Before we dive into how to take advantage of regional keywords, we first need to understand exactly what the term means. In many cases, when people hear “regional keywords,” they automatically think of geo-targets, such as towns, neighborhoods, or counties. For example, if you are in New York City but want to target a certain area, you might use regional terms like “Upper East Side” or “Staten Island.” Depending on the area where you live, there can be a wide range of different regional keywords that apply to geo-targets, including neighborhoods that may not be officially listed but everyone in the area is familiar with.

Regional keywords, however, can also be terms and phrases used primarily in your area. A good example here is soda. In the Midwest and Northwest, the term “pop” is frequently used. In the Southeast, “Coke” is often used to describe all sugary carbonated beverages. But in the Southwest and Northeast, “soda” appears to reign supreme.

Perhaps there are different regional phrases that apply to your product or service.

Simple Tips on How to Take Advantage of Regional Keywords

Using regional keywords opens up tremendous opportunity for your content writing and inbound marketing. People not only speak these terms, they often use them when searching in Google or Bing for goods and services.

To take advantage of regional keywords, start by peppering the terms into your content. You can also create entire articles that have a keyword focus based on your local terms.

One good practice is to use geo-target regional keywords in your calls-to-action. For example, you could write something like “if you live in the Smith Hills neighborhood and need quality HVAC services, contact us…” This is just an example, but you get the idea.

Be sure to place these regional keywords in the headers and sub-headers so search engines take notice. With a good strategy, it’s only a matter of time until your business is full of local leads.

We’ll Show You How to Take Advantage of Regional Keywords

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Facebook for Marketing: How to Use this Powerful yet Finicky Tool

Facebook is a tricky beast. It has good qualities that excite marketers and businesses, but it also has weaknesses that make it difficult to fully utilize.

The good? For starters, the sheer, unimaginable number of users. According to Statista, a leading statistical portal, there are over 1.5 billion users on Facebook worldwide. This means that no matter where you live, no matter what industry you are in, there are potential customers actively engaged on Facebook. Think about how many people in your family and circle of friends post on Facebook … that’s a lot of people, right?

The bad? Facebook is a social media. Think again about your friends and family on Facebook. What are they doing? They’re sharing images, posting thoughts, and connecting with each other. It’s like a massive casual online party, so when people are treated like sales leads, they tend to become unhappy. This can create a lot of confusion and even frustration for marketers and businesses.

So how can you, as a business owner, possibly crack the walnut of Facebook and actually use it to your advantage? You’ll need the right techniques and the right attitude, but it can be done. …

Facebook for Marketing? How to Use this Powerful Yet Finicky Tool

The Essential First Step: Perspective

Before you can even think about marketing on Facebook (or most social media sites, for that matter), you need the right attitude, the right mindset, the right perspective. As we discussed earlier, Facebook is, at its core, one big party, so don’t try to crash the party with direct and immediate sales pitches.

Instead, join the party! Being an active and engaging member of Facebook adds recognition and respect to your brand. It can be hard for business owners to find value in simply conversing online, but this is the perspective you need for success on Facebook.

Create “Inbound Marketing” Articles

Hubspot, a leader in digital marketing practices, talks about a concept of branding called “inbound marketing.” Essentially, traditional marketing is outbound, but this doesn’t work on Facebook. If you were to create an email campaign and send it to 10,000 people, this would be a form of outbound; you’re sending your message out to potential customers.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, entices people to come to you. How is this done? By creating engaging, interesting, and informative content that people want to read or watch. Basically, you are earning people’s interest first, selling to them second (or third, or fourth …). This is the type of marketing that is most effective on Facebook.

So if you create a blog post, post it on Facebook with a friendly comment. If you really want to engage audiences, turn that comment into an open-ended question. …

Ask Open-Ended Questions Related to Your Industry

A close-ended question can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” They can be effective, but to really get the engagement rolling, ask open-ended questions, which give your audience the chance to really participate in the discussion.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you own a floral shop that sells a wide range of plants. You create a blog post titled “The Best Flowers for Birthdays.” You then link the article to your Facebook profile and, to get the engagement going, ask your followers a question. …


“Do you agree with our list of the best flowers for birthdays?”

With this question, your audience can simply answer “yes” or “no.” Not very engaging, is it? Perhaps there’s a better technique…


“What do you think of our list? Did we leave anything out?”

… or …

“Have you ever given flowers for someone’s birthday? Tell us your story!”

… or …

“Do you like flowers for your birthday? What’s your favorite?”

See how these questions require a little more thought, conversation, and engagement? Open-ended questions are much more consistent for gaining attention and engagement from your audience.

By the way, if you are having trouble thinking of an open-ended question, you can always tack on a “why?” to a closed-ended question to enhance the chances of engagement.

Be Visual

Facebook – and, for that matter, all of the Internet – is a visual medium. People enjoy reading blogs and articles, but they also want visually pleasing features to go along with their content. For every blog post you create and post to Facebook, make sure you are including an attractive image that relates to the story.

Sometimes, simply posting a solo image can have the desired effect. Let’s go back to our floral shop for an example. If you create a dazzling bouquet for your storefront, why not post an image with a caption saying, “Really happy with this new bouquet! Hopefully it finds a happy home soon!”

Visual content can also include videos, such as a “how-to” demonstration, which further increases your brand’s value and demonstrates your expertise in the market.

So whatever you do, make sure you are giving your audience something to look at while engaging them on Facebook!

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Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter:
The “In” Place to Be for Business Marketing Success

Twitter has come a long way from a simple way to get in touch with friends and family. Today Twitter is a place where people go for news, help, tips, tricks, and useful topics.  Twitter is a robust way to use rich content visuals and valuable tweets and retweets for marketing success. Social Media Examiner fully endorses marketing on Twitter and also offers some great tips and ideas to help you see the benefits of marketing on Twitter.

          Using Twitter offers an easy way to reach people from all over. You may be using other marketing means to attract consumers, convert leads, and snag sales. Yet, using social media outlets, namely Twitter, is vital for inbound marketing success. Let’s review a few reasons for setting up a Twitter marketing campaign.

• First:  Start by making sure you are “well-explained” on Twitter. You need to make people aware of you, your brand, and what you can do for them. Including a link to your website will give them a visual that reinforces the “talk” you talk.

          • Second:  Marketing on Twitter means you have to be “real.” Paying attention to what is being said and what is needed will help others know you are not just out there taking up space. The key to success in marketing on Twitter is to listen, answer honestly, and be relevant.

          • Third:  You need to tweet on a regular basis. Once a week or once a month is not enough. You need to make yourself visible in order to use marketing on Twitter as a plus to gain leads and a following.

          • Fourth:  Look for trends on Twitter. Marketing on Twitter helps you stay in front of Twitter users and capture their attention. Using hashtags is a great way to direct leads to your site and show them you are an expert in the field. Hashtags also help new users see your value as well. Like everything else, don’t overload on hashtags. Be selective and targeted in order to be a success.

          • Fifth: Marketing on Twitter is visual, so let your Twitter following really see who and what you are. According to Sprout Social, video marketing can help you get 2.5 times more in replies and have 2.8 times more retweets on your posts, and sites are marked as a “favorite” 1.9 times more! Videos can be a way to learn something new. You can also let people know what is new and exciting in your business. All of this will keep you at the front of the line when people want answers, advice, or products and services that meet their needs.

          • Sixth: Put yourself into a person’s conversation when marketing on Twitter. Watch for tweets that focus on an aspect of your business. Create keywords that will lead people to your Twitter page and give them an answer. If your service is web design, keywords that focus on “help for web design” or “create a web design” will help drive them to your Twitter site. From there, you can direct them through links to your web page, where they can get answers to questions or you can offer them a free 15-minute help session on web design. You won’t catch anything if you don’t reach out and touch your Twitter followers!

          • Finally: Be sure to develop and use analytics! You need to be able to track your progress, while being able to enhance what is working and revise what is not working in your marketing efforts. What are the best days to tweet? Which videos got the most traffic? Where are my followers coming from (demographics is a great way to cash in on organic searches)? Once you know what attracts, you can work to “repeat” your efforts for success in your marketing campaign. Remember – what works enhances your brand and your reputation.

It may seem like a lot to think about, but in today’s competitive marketing arena, you need to use every option available to you to be strong, viable, and valuable. Sometimes all that is needed is a little guidance and direction to get you on the road to Twitter marketing success. That’s where the marketing team at 602 Creative Studio comes in!

At 602, inbound marketing is our “niche,” and we have helped many other businesses attain success using Twitter and other social media outlets for marketing. 602 can help you not only “talk the talk,” but also “walk the walk” in marketing success.

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How to Create Buyer Personas for your Business

How to Create Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas is not an easy task, but one that every business – small or large – should be doing. Why? Buyer personas improve sales, lead to more sales, and help you target new trends that you can “pioneer” into creating your business as an industry expert.

Did you ever think about why you no longer buy a certain item? Simple answer: change. And just as your wants and needs changed, so do your customer’s wants and needs change.

Change is the catalyst for innovation, and buyer personas will help you weather those changes without losing sales. Buyer personas will help you target your most sought-after products and services. Buyer personas will help you get to “know” your customers. They help you predict needs, spot trends, and keep them coming back for more. While buyer personas seem like a lot of work, they are key to successful inbound marketing, sales, growth and brand identity. By partnering with HubSpot, the 602 Creative Studio Team has seen, first-hand, how well buyer personas boost sales and brand identity and act as catalysts for industry know-how.

• Buyer personas help you identify your customer base.

Start to create buyer personas by reviewing your customer base and pick out 3-4 major areas that you see as a trend in your customer base. For example, if you sell software, see what types of software your customers are buying. There may be new items you can direct their way that will be better for their needs. Even a journal article on the pros and cons of software will open up a way for you to gain data to use in building the persona. Even little things can help you target future products and services. Little things open doors to knowledge – and that broadens your knowledge for marketing and targeted sales.

• Personas make you do your in-house research.

I cannot stress this more: You will not have any ideas or clues until you take a long look at your customers and ask more in-depth questions.  Example: Customer A is one of your “regulars,” and you have a pretty good idea of what he needs when buying. In the persona, look to see what Customer A’s business role is. This will help you when deciding what to present to him. There are times when the higher the title, the easier to make decisions. This will help you find new ways to solve any buyer challenges.

• How do you communicate with each other (phone, email, in person)?

Knowing what works best will also work best when planning your marketing efforts for better results. If you have known Customer A for some time, dig a little deeper and go personal. Ask about favorite books, activities, education level, family and friends. All of these questions will give you a good idea of how to integrate your products and services to keep Customer A happy and coming back for more. Even adding gender, age and demographics can create noteworthy buyer personas.

• Personas push you to review your analytics for clues.

Your analytics will let you know where people come from, keywords they used to find you, and how long they stayed on your website.  This is a key element for helping you get to know your customers, your audience, and figure out exactly what they need and want.  Keywords can help you find those that might not be finding you. By sorting and grouping keywords (such as bowling balls, running shoes, etc.) you get more “specific” data that helps you reach those yet-to-be-found customers and future sales.

Don’t forget your local customers either! They might be looking to buy from a merchant that is close and easy to get to rather than pay for shipping. Those are the people you want to target because word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to advertise, get sales and add to your analytics.

• Buyer personas are an incentive to use social media.

People on social media are not just chatting away or posting the latest photos. They also are looking for items, deals and bargains. What they really need is – to find you. People who visit your social media page will be checking you out. They heard about you from someone, and they want to learn more about you. Building a persona from visits on social media can open up new data to use in building better personas for future success.

Just make sure your social media page has a way to connect to your website. From there, make it easy for them to visit your site, find what they want and give you more data to use to build personas.

• Buyer personas make you “Go for the Gold!”

Creating and building buyer personas is not easy. It will take time, patience and a lot of digging. Yet by creating and using buyer personas, you are making yourself a vital part of your customers’ needs and wants. Personas help you position yourself and your products and services as relevant. Personas help you to understand how and why a customer buys and how to take that need to buy to a recurring sale.

• Finally, buyer personas give you a way to see the “human face” behind those sales figures. This is one of the most important aspects for inbound marketing, sales, and being an industry expert. Personas allow you to tailor your products and messages to use your data to your best advantage – customer satisfaction and lead conversion.

It’s not a quick-and-easy marketing plan. It will take time and effort, but it will bring about some very exciting results that will end up being one of those stellar business processes. Want more information? can also give you more reasons to build buyer personas and really see the benefits they bring.

Buyer personas are something that every business should build, grow and maintain. It will bring about an increase in sales, better ways to help your customers, and a way for you to gain that competitive edge everyone is looking for.

More questions? Talk to our Inbound Marketing Team at 602 Creative Studio, and let us help you start building the right personas that will become your best asset!

Best Free Tools Offering Social Media Marketing Services

Any successful business owner or marketing manager will say that being active on social media is key to building a brand, generating leads online, and increasing revenue. Luckily there’s a multitude of free tools that provide social media marketing services and make the life of a marketer much, much easier.

With so many to choose from, how can you decide which tools are worth trying?

Best Free Apps Offering Social Media Marketing Services

We know it can be overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out and we want to help! So, we’ve provided a list of our favorite free tools that offer social media marketing services. We’ve also sorted them into helpful little categories below.

Project Management

Trello – This tool just happens to be one of the greatest inventions of all times. OK. Maybe it’s not as great as the light bulb, but it’s right up there. Trello is a card-based project management tool that allows you to organize tasks and create a visual representation of the flow or process of completing each task using the kanban system. If you love sticky notes, you’ll love Trello!


Canva – If you’re a business owner or marketer who doesn’t count graphic design as one of your top skills, then Canva is just what you need. Honestly, even professional graphic designers love to use it for quick and easy projects. With Canva, you can easily create infographics, social media headers, beautiful designs for publishing on all social media channels, and so much more.


Social Mention – Often compared to Google Alerts, Social Mention has a very unique quality in the fact that it only monitors social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and over 100 more.

You can search your brand name or any topic that you want to monitor and find real time data on the term’s strength (likelihood that the term is being discussed), sentiment (ratio of positive mentions to negative mentions), passion (likelihood that the term will be repeated), and reach (measure of influence).

You can also sign up for alerts & receive the data right in your inbox.

Cyfe – I must admit, I never tried this tool until conducting research for this blog post. Cyfe successfully distracted me from completing this post for a good 45 minutes. Now, I have to say, I am hooked.

It doesn’t take very long to set up. Simply link your accounts and you will be able to monitor all of your social media marketing channels on one dashboard.

Distribution and Reporting

Buffer – Buffer has a few really helpful functions. The tool allows you to schedule social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The Buffer web browser extension makes it a breeze to share curated content as you find it. The reporting function monitors likes, clicks, retweets, and more.

Bonus: Inbound Marketing Tool

HubSpot – If you want a top-of-the-line, well-rounded, fully-functional marketing platform, then HubSpot is the right tool for the job. The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Platform will you attract visitors to your website, turn website visitors into customers, and turn customers into brand promoters.

HubSpot is not free, but a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Partner Agency, like 602 Creative Studio, can help you find the package for your business and your budget.


Social Media Marketing Services that are Worth Every Penny

With the world of social media changing daily and more and more people exploring what the Internet has to offer, the possibilities for social media marketing are endless.

Because top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn being only the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot for representatives of a business or organization to do to make their presence known. Even more so, there is a lot of competition for attention from users of these social media sites.

Social Media Marketing Services

That’s where social media marketing services from professionals who have the time, knowledge and enthusiasm to invest into these endeavors could help you, your business and its reputation. Further, social media marketing services research background information, such as the habits of social media users through analytics tracking sites. With that knowledge in hand, they can come up with clever ways to get attention from social media users in order to bring them to your site and your business.

Social Media Analytics and Monitoring

Social media analytics refers to the approach of collecting data from social media sites and blogs and evaluating that data to make business decisions. This process goes beyond the usual monitoring or a basic analysis of retweets or “likes” to develop an in-depth idea of the social consumer. This enables social media marketing services to focus on specific users and trends in order to develop stronger business plans and build the business’s reputation.

Depending on what your business provides and how your website is set up, analytics sites could provide an enormous amount of detailed information, including how many social media users clicked on a link that you shared from your site; which social media platforms are most likely to bring viewers to your site; general demographic details about the users; if those users are regular viewers or unique visitors; if those users also clicked on a second link within your site after being drawn in from what you shared on social media; and even how many minutes that user spent reading the content on your site.

Publishing Original Content

Among the most basic premises is that your business or organization is there serve its customers, and that means giving them relevant information openly and honestly. For that reason, it is important to provide original content on your site because only you know your own current clients and potential future customers.

Google’s algorithm for determining site rankings sees just that. Making yourself a reliable, authoritative source leads your customers to trust you and come back for your assistance and guidance. Such customer behaviors can be analyzed statistically, and the more people who are driven to your site through sources including social media services, the better it is for you.

According to an article by Muhammad Saleem on Search Engine Journal, the focus should be on writing high-quality, original content that demonstrates authority and leadership in your niche.

“Google wins when a searcher wins, and the searcher wins when a page he or she clicks is the best page for the query performed,” he writes.

Publishing Curated Content

Social media marketing services may share curated content in addition to original content. The benefits of this include, as noted previously, providing the information that your customers need, even if it comes from another source. At the same time, based on analytics, sharing curated content drives people to your site and builds your site’s reputation.

According to an article by Lee Odden on, content curation facilitates many content marketing objectives, including:

  • Efficient, topically focused collection of information that appeals to customers looking for a “single source” on a particular topic.
  • Grows awareness of your brand as a topical authority based on adding insight to industry commentary.
  • Facilitates networking into spheres of influence in your industry. Collecting and sharing content from influential members of your community can get you on their radar resulting in being mentioned, links or even referrals.
  • Attracts links from social sources like Facebook and Twitter. Social links can send traffic and influence social and standard search visibility.
  • Attracts links from other websites, which can also send traffic and influence better visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Keeps prospects engaged as part of your lead nurturing efforts.

Social Strategy and Planning

The most prevalent application of social media analytics is to get to know the customer base on a more emotional level to help better target customer service and marketing, according to

According to a blog on, the first step in creating a social media strategy is to create objectives and goals. Goals should be specific, measurable and attainable. The next step is to conduct a social media audit, followed by creating or improving your social media accounts; getting social media inspiration from industry leaders, competitors and clients; creating a content plan and editorial calendar; and then testing, evaluating and adjusting your social media marketing plan.

Need Help?

Each step requires time, effort, statistical analysis and general background knowledge, so seeking help from an inbound marketing company that specializes in social media marketing services (like 602 Creative Studio) might be your best option.


Social Media Marketing with Twitter – A Beginner’s Guide

What is Twitter?

Twitter came into our world in 2006 and has grown at an incredible rate since launching. According to Wikipedia, “Twitter has more than 500 million users, out of which more than 302 million are active users”. With such great popularity, Twitter offers social media marketers a unique opportunity to get their brand and message across to various customer segments.

The micro blogging site allows you to send out tweets (messages) of 140 characters or less. These tweets can be read by all those who are following you. There is no limit to the number of tweets that you can send, a visual image can accompany your tweet and you can also post a link to your website while you are at it.

How Does Twitter Work?

While using Twitter, social media marketing experts have to use the keywords carefully. These keywords could be your company’s name, your brand name, or words that best describe your business or your industry. Twitter offers the option of using hashtags (keywords preceded by the pound or number sign) that link one tweet to another and can in fact, be used time after time to bring continuity to your tweets. It allows your audience/followers to keep track of your messages and helps you network closely with those followers who retweet your posts. The keywords, handles and hashtags help you in building relationships with loyal followers too.

How Can I Use Twitter to Grow My Business?
With just 140 characters per tweet, Twitter forces you to choose what is the most important aspect of your social media marketing campaign. Whether you are launching a new product, promoting existing products or offering gifts and rewards to repeat customers, you will need to be precise and correct in your tweets.

You can add value to your tweets by sharing a link to your website page that lists more details on new programs. One of the greatest advantages of using Twitter is that you can get great mileage out of your marketing messages by spending just a few minutes on this site.

Twitter can also be quite effective for lead generation as well as help you build lists of prospective customers to whom you can later send direct mails. By keeping your followers engaged through interesting content and visual imagery in your tweets, you are building unconscious links in their minds and ensuring that they stay invested in your ideas.

Following businesses that are leaders and/or influencers in your industry, will help you better understand your target audience and can also help you to form mutually beneficial relationships with those influencers. 

Don’t Ignore Twitter

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is to ignore social media as a marketing tool, especially Twitter. Even those businesses that have existed for years without playing the social media game, risk losing touch with their customers if they avoid using social media to communicate and promote their brand.

Get Help with Social Media Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, our goal is to help businesses develop and promote their brand. If you are interested in utilizing Twitter to grow your business, contact the professional social media marketers at 602 Creative Studio for a free quote today.


How to Bring Student Traffic to Your Website

The first thing any smart entrepreneur does is identify their ideal customer and create a strategic marketing plan to target that customer. It’s important to know who you are selling to in order to generate content and/or products that matter and drive traffic to your website. If your ideal customer is a high school or college student, you are in luck.

Students are known for spending alot of time on the internet and make for excellent target audiences.

To ensure that your website is ‘student ready,’ here are a few suggestions for bringing student traffic to your website:

Keywords: Long-tail vs. Short-tail

Short-tail keywords target a broader audience.  They use 1-2 keywords at a time and can point a lot of traffic to your site.  Long-tail words are more complete in what is being searched for. In the case of students, they may decide they want to know ‘where to buy an audio book on Moby Dick.’

According to Moz, “… long tail keywords often convert better, because they catch people later in the buying/conversion cycle.” Using long-tail keyword will give you a better chance for success over your rivals. It will also help you build traffic to your site and boost your sales.

Responsive Website Design

For students who are going back to school, mobility is the key to staying in touch. Students today are more apt to text friends, interact on social media, and when looking for solutions to problems, responsive web design is key to attracting them to your website.

Students are much more ‘mobile’ that in prior years. They use iPads or laptops to search for what they want. There is no time to go back to the dorm and use a static desktop. They want sites that move freely across all types of screen resolutions and on all types of devices. Responsive designs provide the optimal user experience, which will attract more students to your site and your products.

Visually Appealing Website Design

While content is always king, if your site does not visually appeal to students, they won’t be back after the first visit. Use infographics that give students immediate results. Make sure your call to action buttons take them directly to what they want or where they want to go. Students practice cognitive fluency and want things that are ‘easy’ to think about. Students prefer a site that is simple, familiar and easy to find.

Interesting Content that Adds Value

Be sure your content is what students are looking for. Create blogs that pertain to the topics they are interested in. It has to relate to their college life or else it will not work. Connect and support those blogs to a presence on social media. Students look for items that others have tried and liked. Social media is the best place to start. Get an idea of what they are talking about and focus your blogs in that direction. Let them know you care. Invite them to give you their ideas and be sure to say ‘thank you’ to them.

Whether they are in grammar school, high school or college, students want answers fast. They don’t have time to waste on long descriptions of product information. They will not be back if your site won’t give them what they want or take them where they want to go. If you take these suggestions to heart, students will come to know you, your products, and word of mouth spreads fast among college-bound students.

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