How to Increase Traffic to Your Company Website

From raw startups to seasoned market leaders, everyone wants to drive more traffic to their website. It’s been studied, hypothesized, tested, and proven that growing your internet presence and bringing more traffic to your company webpage will result in higher brand awareness, customer trust, and sales.

The majority of businesses and organizations understand this and created their websites years ago, but many are still in the dark ages when it comes to improving their company pages to increase traffic.

Optimize for Search (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, describes the process of enhancing a website or webpage for more visibility on common search engines without paying for traffic.

Search engines, like Google, have specific algorithms that determine the placement of a website on their search results page. The goal of SEO is to improve your search engine ranking for targeted keywords.

Learning and implementing the SEO best practices like those mentioned in our previous blog, can result in better brand awareness and will increase traffic to company website.

The 5 Basic SEO Techniques that Everyone Should Know are listed below. More detailed information can be found in our previous blog post.

  1. Fresh, Consistent Posting
  2. Mobile-Compatibility
  3. Create Social Media Signals
  4. Consider the Bigger SEO Picture
  5. Focus on Quality Content

Design for Usability

If Search Engine Optimization is what brings visitors to your website, a simple, thoughtful user experience is what keeps them there.

Thanks to technical advances, our society impatient. We expect to find what we are looking for quickly and with ease. If your website is difficult to navigate or too busy for concentration, you risk losing the visitor’s attention and a potential customer.

There are a few rules for web design that everyone should learn and implement.

  1. Well-planned navigation
  2. Stay consistant with design
  3. Simple, legible typography
  4. Don’t go crazy with color

Create Quality Content

“Content is King.” That’s what they say. Creating quality content that your company’s target audience actually wants to read and/or see is one of the very best ways to drive traffic for a few important reasons.

  1. Search engine optimization: As mentioned above, consistently posting content to your website will improve your SEO rankings. For best results, create content that is easily understood and speaks to specific pain points that your customers may have.
  2. Establish your company as the authority: What better way to show off your knowledge and become the expert in your field than with an up-to-date blog?
  3. Encourage communication and rapport: Up-to-date content gives your customers something to talk about and opens the line of communication between your customers and your company.

Convert Visitors into Customers

With the use of targeted calls-to-action, thoughtful landing pages, strategic forms, and nurtured email lists, you can take your current customer base and watch it grow exponentially. This approach is part of the inbound methodology created and coined by our partners at HubSpot.

Increase Traffic with an Inbound Marketing Agency

Let the experts at 602 Creative Studio turn your company website into a well-oiled marketing machine. Call or visit our website anytime for a free quote.


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