Why You Should Submit Your Website to Google (and How to Do It)

Inbound marketing relies on creating useful content that attracts readers to your site and establishes you and your team as leading thinkers in the industry. Sometimes, however, creating great content isn’t enough; we need a little help getting the word out. One of the techniques used to ensure more visitors is search engine optimization, often called “SEO.” One of the ways to enhance SEO is by submitting your site to Google for indexing. We’d like to show you why you should submit your website to Google, as well as how to do it!

Why You Should Submit Your Website to Google (and How to Do It)

Advantages of Submitting Your Website to Google

We won’t dive into the complex system that Google uses to find, gauge, and choose websites; just know that there are many different criteria used, including keyword density, links, and site speed. Google will discover and analyze your content quicker if it is registered with their system. While they will eventually find and “crawl” your site if you don’t submit it, manually submitting the site will speed the process.

If you’re not sure if your site is already submitted, simply go to Google and type in “site:” with your URL and no spaces. If no pages are indexed, Google will let you know that no information was found.

Why You Should Submit Your Website to Google and Other Search Engines

While Google is the big fish in the search engine pond, you should still take advantage of other sites, including Yahoo and Bing. Having your site submitted to these search engines will increase your potential traffic and lead to better long-term visitor numbers.

How to Submit Your Site to Google

If you have never submitted your site, the first step is to verify that you are indeed the owner through Google’s verification process. Simply type in the URL, check the “I am Not a Robot” button, and submit your request for verification. Google will then go through the process of verifying your site and indexing your pages.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to submit your new site to Google!

If you have an existing site with numerous new pages, then you’ll need to submit an updated sitemap. The sitemap can be submitted by going to Google Search Console along the left, then using the Crawl tab to find Sitemaps. Then submit your sitemap URL and you’re all set for success with search engine results!

With these simple steps, you can ensure your site is submitted properly and indexed quickly! It’s easy and effective; this is why you should submit your website to Google!

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