Web Design 101 – What Makes a Website Great?

The world of technology is developing at a rapid pace and people are getting used to the Internet in order to complete their daily tasks with less hassle. Websites play a major role in the industry because of this reason, so web design and development has become a popular topic.

Statistical research shows that a large percentage of people look for a product online before purchasing it. According to Adweek, “Eighty-one percent of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase.” This information tells us that it is incredibly important for business owners to design a user-friendly and attractive website in order to increase brand and/or product awareness and sales.

Determine User Intent

There are a million reasons a person may visit a website. It probably sounds like a menial and time consuming task, but determining the purpose of each visit is crucial to creating a website that people actually want to see.

Many people visit a website to get more information about the services and/or products that are offered from a company. If your content doesn’t speak to your visitors, they will quickly move on to another a website. You must really think about your target audience and the type of website design and content that will speak to their needs.

Visualize Your Perfect Website

Believe it or not, one of the greatest things you can do when planning your website design is this: turn off the computer. Seriously. Close your eyes and imagine the steps that your website visitors will take to find the information or content for which they are looking.

Research and Plan

It is your responsibility to design the website that is convenient and easy to navigate.

When planning the navigation structure and content of your website, you should research your competitor websites and determine what is working for them and what is not. Compare the content that you use and the content at they are using. You should examine the website from a customer’s point of view and judge how their elements of success and detriment. This will give you a good understanding about creating a user friendly website.

Stick to the Basics

The homepage should be planned in a proper way and links should be added to the respective pages from the homepage. Important information should be highlighted, so that they can catch the eyes of the visitors in a few seconds.

Refrain from using too many graphics, fonts, and colors.These can be distracting. If the visitor cannot find the information that he is looking for within a couple of clicks, he will likely move on to another website.

Pay Attention to Compatibility

The website you create should be compatible with all the leading web browsers on the world. Many websites fail in this area and lose business because of it. Internet users are impatiet and will not tolerate a slow or broken website. They are looking to get the content as soon as they click on the link. It is up to you to create a website that works well and uploads quickly.

Get Help with Web Design

If you are still not confident with creating a successful and profitable website, you can and should seek the assistance of a professional web design and development company. You aren’t alone here. Most business owners consider the money spent on web design and development an excellent investment that more than pays for itself.

If you have any questions at all contact the inbound marketing and web design experts at 602 Creative Studio in Arizona. We are always happy to help businesses reach their potential.


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